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01 August 2011

Convert SIP trunking to E1 - ISDN PRI or R2 MFC

Posted by Jaisal Abdurrahman

       Saudi Telecom company (STC) started to provide SIP trunking for business customers. Heard that there is no more traditional DID DOD over E1.These services allow callers to make direct inward dialing (DID) or direct outward dialing (DOD) calls without an operator's assistance by connecting company's PBX to STC's exchange. 
        Business customer PBX systems and call centers usually want E1 PRI. The PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface, a term that comes from a set of telecommunication standards called ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network. What PRI adds to a standard channelized E1 line is a dedicated signaling channel that makes call setup and teardown faster, plus the ability to provide Caller ID and ANI (Automatic Number Identification.) A E1 PRI line gives you 30 channels that can each carry one telephone call plus the data or signaling channel. 
         Many of corporate customers running on TDM PBX having E1 PRI interface which will not support SIP trunking. STC is providing point to point Ethernet (dedicated for voice) to deliver SIP trunking service without authentication.
          VOIP Gateway equipment can act an important part in above scenario. It can convert SIP trunks to Legacy E1 (ISDN PRI/R2 MFC).one equipment can carry up to 4 E1 .And this equipment is now available in Saudi market (contact me on  mail@jaizal.com for details)
Visual scenario as shown below:


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