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28 November 2009

Jeddah Flood on 25-11-09

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26 November 2009

Eid - Mubarak

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27 June 2009

Who is real Ahlu Sunna ? - Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

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18 May 2009

How to create a blog with Blogger

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28 April 2009

Now you can simply Embed pictures to Gmail

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Now you can simply add an inline image to an email you are composing in Gmail.The following steps are describing how to make it possible.

  • To enable this feature open your Gmail and click on settings then labs

  • Scroll down and enable Inserting images
  • Save your setting and go to compose mail.Now you will see the new image insert tool appeared in your editor.

Please note that this feature is not yet compatible with Firefox browser.

10 March 2009

Kids protection software !

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While using a PC children are completely out of the parental control and parents can't actually find out what their children do when they're online. Fencing children from computers or allowing using them only when parents are supervising the process is not an ideal solution. Besides producing a negative impact on relations with you child, this also makes it harder for your offspring to compete with other children, as the Internet these days gives certain social and academic advantages.

However, the Internet content should be filtered, there's absolutely no doubt. Kids protection software is probably the ideal solution in terms of internet protection for kids when parents are not at home.

Here you can download one of the best Kids protection software

Golden Filter Pro 1.1

Installation Instructions

Credits : http://www.computer-e-technologies.co.uk