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14 June 2008

A handy tool to forward ports in windows PC

Posted by Jaisal Abdurrahman

Analog Port mapper is a free handy tool for port forwarding in windows PC's.As far as i know it is quiet easy to forward ports in linux machine, but in windows xp so difficult to forward a port unless we have enabled ICS .it is usual to think why needed a portforwarding in a particular windows xp machine.I had a situation to make me think about this feature.In one of my network scenario ,remote locations are connected via vpn clinet software .so i can access only the PC which is installed client software in the remote network.ones i needed to acces an IP camera which is connected in remote network,make me think about any ways to reach the IP camera.Bridging VPN adapter with remote network is not a proper solution because of difficulty in DHCP assignment of VPN adapter.
However this handy tool helped me to reach to the IP camera which is in remote network subnet.the tool forwading traffics comming from port 80 of VPN adapter,to the ip address of camera and make it possible to monitor the camera from head office.

Download Port mapper


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This is the program ? http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/pmapper.htm

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