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16 December 2007

Problem with HP 4600 series Printer in Windows vista

Posted by Jaisal Abdurrahman

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Today i have installed three Hp 4600n printer in a network,and configured it in windows vita clients.on next moment i got calls from users , they are facing problem when printing multiple pages ..prints only first page then giving message to select tray with red light..when pressing green button to continue the job, prints a error page (Unable to store job..) rather than the rest pages.
Hard to figure out the problem.Vista auto detects the driver.played in printer setting ,disabled ram disk .... but no hope.printer acting strange things ..at last i figured out that the problem is in driver. Vista auto detects only the PCL5 driver ..no way to update the driver.
so i installed printer in server as share printer ...when trying to access printer from clients , automatically installs the PCL6 driver in clients too. choosed PCL6 driver instead of PCL5... ..
now printers are working greatly...........


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