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02 July 2007

"Human-Powered" search engine - ChaCha

Posted by Jaisal Abdurrahman

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It is an interactive search engine which i found recently on the web. it was a great idea with very flawed execution.and the web site is still in the beta stage(but seems it may give a stiff competition to google)

Have a look on what they are says about chacha :

ChaCha is the ultimate fusion of computer technology & human intelligence. Live human guides are available to provide additional assistance. - The human brain.

ChaCha's goal is to provide a better search experience by combining results that are hand-picked by our knowledgeable human guides with the best computer-generated search results. In those cases where you can't find what you need with our instant results, ChaCha will connect you with a live human guide who will find the information for you through an instant messaging-style search session.

Scott Jones and Brad Bostic, two dynamic entrepreneurs who were not satisfied with millions of irrelevant search results provided by first generation search engines, believed a better experience could be created by tapping into human intelligence. Since starting ChaCha, they have been hard at work with the ChaCha team to create:

  • A smart search engine that "learns" by tapping into human intelligence so its results are always improving
  • A place to find exactly what you're looking for instantly
  • Help from people who are knowledgeable about the very thing you are looking for when instant results don't have the answer


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